Barton McMillan has been doing work for our family off-and-on for several years now – and for good reason. He and his people have consistently provided spot-on advice and top quality work.

Our first meetings with Barton concerned the renovation of our home. We had some ideas for the renovation and half even obtained some architectural plans (which we liked) but we had some uncertainty about some of the details and whether the project as designed was worth what it would cost.

In short, we needed sound professional advice from someone who understood houses, the construction process and the market. Barton was that man.

From our first conversations with him, we recognized that Barton was knowledgeable not only about building and renovation, but also about real estate in our area and the best course of action for us given our specific circumstances. He knew the right questions to ask and what to do with our answers. We were reassured that there was a firm hand at the tiller, not to force his vision on us, but to help us to make good decisions.

His tone and attitude were just what we needed. Barton always picked up the phone when we called. We never had the feeling of being put on the back burner. He projected calm at those moments of homeowner panic. He gave us daily updates and a weekly written report of all the work that had been done and what was left to do. He went shopping for materials with us several times rather than just leaving us to choose on our own. Because of his energetic involvement, constant communication and complete candor, we had very few unhappy surprises, and when unexpected matters did arise (as they always did), Barton was ready with quick and creative solutions.

Over and over, we moved from project to project, Barton gave us ideas, suggestions, and advice for beautiful, functional and durable improvements that matched our taste, needs and budget. At the end of the process, we had a beautifully renovated home that suited my family perfectly.

And when it became time to move a few years later, we enjoyed feeling confident that the house we were selling was solidly built, up-to-date, well maintained, and ready for sale. And thanks to Barton, we felt assured we had not overdone our renovations to the extent that we would be unable to get that money back in the same price.

Barton was also involved on the other side of our move – the buying process. After we found a house that caught our eye, he volunteered to visit with his team and help us assess it. Once again, his keen eye and insights aided us immensely. He and his subcontractors actually attended several meetings at the prospective new home, identified numerous features (and also some potential problems) that our untrained eyes never would have spotted, and shared his insights on the market as we tried to figure out a reasonable purchase price.

He also worked with our inspector to come up with a strategy for making some immediate repairs and improvements as well as long-term improvements. And, just as he had done our old home, he and his team quickly completed the immediate repairs and renovations that allowed us to move into the new home right on schedule.

From Speaking with others, we know that our experience with Barton is nothing unusual for him. He and the people he works with have a great and well-deserved reputation for skill, hard work, and integrity.
As for us, having known and relied on him for several years now, we can say with confidence that we trust him, and we trust anyone he recommends. And we wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

Lucas and Brenda