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J-Barton-McMillan-3Home Creations is a team dedicated to producing high quality residential construction structures on time and on budget!

Home Creations, LLC is owned and operated by J. Barton McMillan. Barton oversees and manages a diverse team of contractors and vendors that share his passion to create your dream home. The majority of these contractors have been working with Barton since the early 2000s—some when Barton first began building back in 1993! Many of them are second or third generation construction professionals. Because we have worked together for so long, we function as a well oiled machine with each contractor looking out for the entire process.

ConwayBarton graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting. He worked for six years as a Certified Public Accountant with an international accounting firm. Barton’s background in business has led him to create a business structure that effectively manages your home creation endeavors. Residential development and construction experience dating back to 1986 has enabled Barton to design and build structures that feel and live larger than they actually are. His strategic use of windows, natural light, natural settings, and house placement create an environment that is just as pleasing on the outside as it is on the inside.