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Home Creations saved my sanity when they took over renovations for a family home. After years of benign neglect, all the major systems had to be replaced including HVAC, the roof, every window in the house, refinished floors throughout, installed attic and crawl space insulation, crawl space vapor barrier, and painting throughout. I appreciated the detailed estimate and explanation, online invoicing, and especially the chance to work with Sarah, Barton's office angel. Responsive, on time, quality work, under budget (when does that happen?), and darn nice people. I'll be calling them again when I start upgrades on my own home. February 2017

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Richard and Marci

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I'll first take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I've been with your company and subcontractors. The work everyone did was outstanding. Everyone I met was personable and professional. The design and implementation met, in actuality, exceeded our understanding of and expectation of the eventual outcome. I had interviewed about 4 other contracting companies before I picked yours - I am so glad I held out for the best one! Marci is continuously commenting about how much she is enjoying her new kitchen space and new bathroom. Much to my delight as well. It feels good to have made the right contractor decision. April 2016

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I can't speak highly enough of Barton McMillan . . . the difficult conversations about money, unexpected surprises, work-arounds, and all the parts of the renovation were handled so professionally and honestly. Barton has the highest integrity and when he doesn't know the answer, he finds out. We never worried that our project wasn't a priority; we trusted that what he said would be done, would be done.

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Jonathan and Carolyn

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We wanted to send a sincere thank you your way again. One of the greatest assets of your company is your personable crew. As a stay-at-home mom - I appreciated this throughout the renovation. Every single employee and contractor was so respectful and kind. Thank you for continually validating that our project was important to you - even in the midst of frustration and when the project slowed down because of outside issues. You tracked down every concern with professionalism and worked hard to make sure it was done right. December 2016

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We were so pleased with Home Creations' help with our kitchen remodel!  Each and every employee and contractor that we worked with was respectful, helpful and CLEAN! We cannot recommend Home Creations highly enough.

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Another BIG thanks for working with us and doing whatever it took to get the oven range into position.  We are really pleased with it.  It looks great, we have easier access to the cabinet, and it's centered under the vent hood.  It required extra time and effort, but it really made a difference.  We appreciate your efforts. Matt, you are a good ambassador for Home Creations, LLC.  Thanks again.

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I want to thank you for your professionalism in procuring and installing our door.  Your crew is a great bunch. We are very pleased with the results!

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Denise and Carey

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Thanks for delaying staining the quarter round mold the color of the floor so that house cleaner could come on Thursday, her scheduled day. We're really enjoying the kitchen. Patty also commented last week about how much they liked working with you. Your great reputation continues around the woods, "Woods of Henderson". Thanks! Denise and Carey

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As I am writing this tears are coming to my eyes (truly).  You have responded to an emergency, held my hand through numerous questions of “what should we do”,  and most importantly, stood by me during a time of confusion and un-known about the damage and needed repairs.  I know you all deal with this on a daily basis, but I don’t.  I just want to say one more time how much I am not only in your debt, but how much I appreciate your tolerance of my ignorance, frustration, and simple exhaustion of having my home in crisis. This is a note of gratitude, but  also a testimony.  I try to separate my business relationships with you from my relationships at SPC.  However, I need to say each of you is a child of God and you express it each day and with every client. Laura, 2015

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Barton, I can't thank you enough for coming to my rescue! You turned a terrible experience into a positive one. So appreciate you and the guys! CJ

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