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Rick and Beth

When my wife and I first contacted Barton (he was a referral from friends he had done work for) we were only interested in doing some relatively minor sprucing up work. Our upstairs carpet needed replacing, some painting was in order and the stairs themselves could have used a face lift. Well, from those humble beginnings the job grew to into a total upgrade of much of our home including both bathrooms. Barton was with us every step of the way. Helping us breeze through the myriad of decisions that come with such jobs. He provided numerous examples, recommendations and site visits that saved us countless time and frustration. The quoting process was a snap with numbers supplied that were clear, thorough and very reasonable for the work being done. The work we were having done involved completely ripping out both our upstairs bathrooms, painting our bedrooms and replacing all the carpet. Needless to say it was going to be very disruptive to our day to day lives. Barton and his team did their very best to minimize the impact! From the coverings over the doors to minimize dust flow to the consideration for our privacy and time the work was performed as smoothly, timely [...]

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Dear Bart, Just wanted to let you know a little more formally than over the fence how much we appreciate your referral of Carmine Avolio (CAA Roofing). He really did a great job…and he was easy to work with. He was prompt; informative; and did what he said he was going to do. June really appreciated how careful he was & how well he cleaned up. Thanks! Perry

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I enjoyed working with Home Creations and appreciate all that Barton McMillan and his team did for me to renovate my kitchen and bathrooms, as well as build a beautiful screened in porch. Everyone was very professional, courteous and on time. Skill, experience, follow-through and dependability are key for a smooth renovation project and Home Creations delivered exactly that! Thank you very much for such a positive experience and excellent results! Laurie

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Lisa and Jay

As you know, we are thrilled with our "new" home! We were apprehensive about going forward with a project of this scope. We are grateful that our experience with Home Creations was such a positive one. We completely trusted the expertise and integrity of all the many workmen you brought to our house. We found you and your contractors to be extremely responsible, conscientious, and respectful. Every single issue we raised was followed-through on. At one point in the renovation, you experienced an emergency that called you out of town and you left us in the capable hands of one of your crew members so we never felt neglected. The contractors you used kept a clean work site and were detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and considerate. Our neighbors rave about the workmanship and the minimal disruption to our street and neighborhood. Thank you for making our house into a home that will suit our family for years to come. We are proud to be among the many satisfied customers of Home Creations, LLC. With grateful thanks for a job well done, Lisa and Jay

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Dear Bart; I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to re-model my house into a home. I can relish when I started this project to fix structural issues and ended up creating a phenomenal living space. When I reflect on my experience there are certain things that renew in my memories. One, your "hands on touch". You introduced me to the sub-contractors and you accompanied me to distributors so I was treated with "kid gloves". Two, all the sub-contractors truly understood what I wanted and felt. Three, your financial estimate was on mark but my specific needs were accommodated on a weekly basis - mainly my choices were higher than your estimate but I knew it was my choice. Four, you were on site! Every day I knew you had connected with the work done at my house. I can't imagine a better working relationship. Remodeling is stressful and full of uncertainties, but you have given me a gift. A gift of confidence and the joy of a home I can only dream of. Laura

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Home Creations did some work for a good friend of mine. He in turn referred me to them to solve a water damage issue with my garage. I contacted Barton McMillan, the owner of Home Creations for an estimate of repair. Upon receipt of the estimate I gave Home Creations the contract. The personnel from Home Creations did quality work with a minimal waste of materials. They were very professional and cleaned up the work site each day prior to leaving. Barton was on site every day to make sure the workers had the materials needed, that I was satisfied with the work being done and to insure that the job was being done to spec. The job was completed on time and on budget. I recommend Home Creations to anyone thinking about a home repair project or even a ground up build. I know you will be glad you chose them. Hal

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Jim and Margaret

Perhaps the strongest endorsement we can give to Barton McMillan / Home Creations is that we had him work for us a second time. The first time the house was expanded to the rear by enclosing part of a deck and transforming it into a Sun Room. The second time was a two phase job i.e., first, the house was extended to the side by adding a garage and Master Suite and then a good part of the house was gutted and transformed into a new kitchen, sitting room, dining room and two bedrooms. We were and are more than pleased with both jobs done by Barton. Barton’s approach and philosophy is to build something in which he would have his family live; he not only verbalized this, but put it into practice with us in these very noteworthy ways: We felt he personally assigned to the job the same priority we did; this was true although at the same time he was constructing a very large house. We never felt our job received any less attention despite the comparatively small size of our job. He visited the site almost every day, and when not present had superb Sub-Contractors present; he was also in contact [...]

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Floor Works

It has been FloorWork’s privilege to work with Home Creations for the past 10 years. They are professional and creative. With smooth transitions between trades during your building or renovations, your home is in good hands with Home Creations! Your friends at FloorWorks

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Cofer Brothers

Home Creations, LLC has been building and remodeling homes in the Metro Atlanta area for a number of years, producing a quality product using top quality materials and at the same time being a good steward of the environment. Home Creations, LLC is a truly professional company able to take on any home building project, large or small. Cofer Bros., Inc. would highly recommend them for any construction project. Steve

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I am eager to write this letter of recommendation for Home Creations. Bart McMillan has overseen improvements in our home on several occasions. In every case the work done was of the highest quality and completed on the agreed time! It has been a pleasure doing business with Home Creations. When making changes in the areas that we were unsure about, Bart made suggestions that not only improved our standard of living but also actually saved us money! His contractors are first rate, courteous, and stand behind their work. You will be pleased with the expertise and quality work by Home Creations. Bob

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