Perhaps the strongest endorsement we can give to Barton McMillan / Home Creations is that we had him work for us a second time.

The first time the house was expanded to the rear by enclosing part of a deck and transforming it into a Sun Room.

The second time was a two phase job i.e., first, the house was extended to the side by adding a garage and Master Suite and then a good part of the house was gutted and transformed into a new kitchen, sitting room, dining room and two bedrooms.
We were and are more than pleased with both jobs done by Barton. Barton’s approach and philosophy is to build something in which he would have his family live; he not only verbalized this, but put it into practice with us in these very noteworthy ways:

  • We felt he personally assigned to the job the same priority we did; this was true although at the same time he was constructing a very large house. We never felt our job received any less attention despite the comparatively small size of our job. He visited the site almost every day, and when not present had superb Sub-Contractors present; he was also in contact with us almost daily to insure what had been done was satisfactory and to consult regarding still-to-be done work, having a wealth of knowledge to share regarding decisions to be made – e.g., floor, windows, tiles, paneling, etc.
  • We also felt he was always sensitive to and respectful of our financial concerns and strove to make suggestions consistent with those financial parameters or to make sure we understood the impact of a decision on the budget. He also interceded on our behalf if there were any issue with work done by a Sub before we paid for that work. And,
  • The Subs that worked on our house were superb; Barton did an exceptional job coordinating their work and keeping us informed as to who would be doing what when.

So, without reservation, we recommend Barton McMillan / Home Creations.

Jim and Margaret